(Welcome To) The Treemaker Station is a 1st person video game that is constructed on the shooter & jumping puzzle mechanics. The story is based on a mercenary that infiltrates an alien spaceship where the last remaining essences of nature are being held after an alien attack on Earth resulted in the total devastation of all natural life and therefore the consumption of oxygen. The last remaining scientists have came up with a synthetic oxygen invention that maintains human life for a short while before shutting down human body’s nervous system. Our character has to sneak into the enemy territory to steal back the last remaining hope of humanity: capsulated essences of Earth trees. Only then there may be a future for human kind.

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  • Platform: Desktop / Windows
  • Yayınlanma Tarihi: 2020-09-27 12:53:16
  • Çalıştırılabilir URL: Oyunu İndir

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